Diet tips for a healthier pregnancy

If you follow a healthy diet routine, your pregnancy will be smoother, your baby will be healthier, and what’s more, it will be easier to get back to pre-mommy shape, easier, after giving birth! Great! Isn’t it?

Here are a few diet tips that you can follow to ensure a healthier pregnancy:

  • Eat real! Steer clear from processed, and packaged foods. Opt for fresh, healthy, and homemade meals instead. Your body needs the abundant vitamins, which fresh food provides. Moreover, processed food contains high amount of sodium and glucose, which can engender swelling in the limbs, and can even cause gestational diabetes, if you go overboard.
  • Your developing baby needs a steady supply of calcium, for its developing bones. If you don’t consume adequate amount of calcium, your baby will draw calcium from your bones, weakening them. It is highly important then, to consume calcium on a daily basis. Including dairy products, and calcium supplements in your diet, is a good idea.
  • Keep yourself well hydrated. It is important at drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day. Adequate water consumption, decreases muscle cramps, and prevents dehydration.
  • Iron consumption is very essential. Iron aids normal supply of oxygen to the baby, preventing premature birth. It is also important to ensure proper development, and growth of the baby. Including iron rich foods in your daily diet, is the way to go.
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine. While alcohol dehydrates the body and increases the chances of birth defects, excessive consumption of caffeine is known to increase chances of miscarriage and growth retardation.

Lastly, every time your heart breaks, at not having your favourite junk food, remember you are doing it all, for your baby, the one you will most deeply love, in all your life! Happy pregnancy!