Gwen Stefani Speaks of Being Hesitant About Change

Gwen Stefani is an iconic figure especially when it comes to look. Her startling platinum hair and red lips help her stand out. Even she, who is experimental and fun, says it is a little difficult to change!

“I’ve thought about going brunette. But then I’ll feel sad!” the star laughed. “I’ll add in a little black to change it up, but I just love being blonde.”

How about her signature lipstick then? “I have so many red lipstick shades. I really do probably have five that I kind of go in and out of,” she says, adding that an Urban Decay color is her favorite. “I mix them a lot. It just depends on what I’m wearing. It’s weird because I kind of do the same thing every day, but … it’s always different as well.”

She inspires many but who inspires her? “That’s a good question!” she says. “Maybe [my oldest son] Kingston. He’s got really good style — and he’s got good instincts.” (We bet he’d approve of the multi-print, crystal-embellished Fausto Puglisi dress she wore that day!)

Stefani’s favorite non-fragrance scent is coconut (“I think it probably has to do with going to Huntington Beach and smelling that beach suntan oil that people don’t wear anymore!”), loves all her scents (though she was wearing “Love” that day) but says ultimately the coolest thing is creating something for her fans that’s more than the standard concert tee — and then seeing it take off. “This one I kind of started because I wanted it to be instead of a shirt with my face on it,” she says. “I wanted to do something for the fans something that was artistic and fun and like a world [of its own] and then it just kept going, so it feels amazing.”